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Yaroslav Garnayev
Voice talent, theater and cinema actior
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Yaroslav Garnayev

Russian native middle-age voice actor, also theater and film actor. Yaroslav Garnaev's voice is recognizable and familiar from the films in which he starred. This is the popular comedy Money produced by Russian TV-channel NTV, where his role is Samokhvalov in his youth, Russian series Time Limit, the role is second lieutenant Ivan Burtsev, the Russian TV series Trace, the role is Maxim Koshkin. Yaroslav voiced a lot of movies, cartoon and video games characters as Russian dubbing actor. His voice sounds in Russian version of the X-Men 3 movie, On a Visit to the Robinsons and computer games, for example, World of Warcraft. Commercials voiceover by Yaroslav Garnayev are represented by videos from Uber, Swatch, Mercedes Benz, MTS.

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