AUDIO-STUDIO.RU / General information

AUDIO-STUDIO.RU is Sound Recording and video production based in Moscow (Russia). We really make localization of media projects and its adaptation for Russian market.

At various times we carried out projects for the following customers: ASICS, Aeroexpress, TMP Media Group, KasperskyLab, BASF AG, PonyExpress and many others.

Do you have a brilliant idea for localization of your commercial, instructional video, or business presentation ino Russian? Look no further! We are a leading B2B voice-over company ready to turn your video into a masterpiece that will be memorable and effectively convey your message to the audience.

What do we do? We provide Russian voice-over services for commercials, audio advertisements, films, instructional videos, business presentations, IVR, and audiobooks, using our pool of professional Russian talanted voices and dubbing actors. Each our voice actor and actress is a master of their craft, providing live, non-synthesized AI voices. We are confident that they will bring exceptional quality and a unique style to your project.

With our experience and creative approach to each project, we guarantee professional voice-over that will accurately convey your message and elicit a strong response from your target audience. We excel at creating atmosphere, capturing emotions, and capturing listeners' attention from the very first sound. Voice casting for your project is free of charge.

Our team is not only experts in voice-over, but we also value your budget. We offer affordable rates for our services without compromising on quality. We understand that every company strives for cost savings, which is why we have developed a flexible pricing system to make our services accessible to every client.

Your audio spots and video commercials deserve perfect sound. Turn your idea into an exciting and professionally voiced product with us! Contact us now and see for yourself the quality of our services!

The AUDIO-STUDIO.RU Studio provides: 

  • Russian voice-over recording for commercials
  • Russian voice-over recording for corporate video
  • Russian narration recording for e-learnings
  • IVR phone prompts recording
  • Soundtracks to commercial, promotion, imagine videos
  • Recording radio imaging

Of cause we also offer the option to participate in our creative process through teleconferencing like Session Link Pro, Zoom etc.

  • Equipment
  • Digital sound processing
    • Audio Universal Audio Apollo DUO 18x24
    • Audio Interface Universal Audio Apollo Twin DUO mkII;
    • DSP-processor Universal Audio UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt OCTO Core;
    • Audio interface Universal Audio Apollo DUO 18х24;
    • The complete library of UAD plug-ins:
    • The Ultimate 5 Bundle; Audio interface (controller) M-Audio ProFire 610
  • Microphones
    • Tube microphone Telefunken AK47 mkII;
    • Tube microphone Octave MKL 5000;
    • Condenser microphone SE Electronics 4400a;
    • Condenser Microphone Audio-Technica ATM 2020;
    • Stereo pair of condenser microphones Octave MK-012-01;
    • Dynamic microphone SHURE SM57;
    • Radio system for two microphones Arthur Forty U-10KC.
    • Tube microphone Audio Technica AT3350;
    • Dynamic microphone Shure sm7b;
  • Keyboards
    • M-audio ProKeys 88;
    • The Yamaha CLP-535R digital piano;
    • Acoustic piano Scholze
  • Monitoring
    • ADAM A8X;
    • ADAM A5X;
    • Yamaha NS-10M studio;
    • Monitors KRK RP6;
    • Power Amplifier Filigrane FA 400;
    • Amplifier and signal distributor for 8 pairs of BEHRINGER HA4800 headphones;
    • Headphones Focal Spirit Professional;
    • Headphones Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro;
    • Headphones Sony MDR-7506;
    • Headphones Beyerdynamic DT-250;
    • Headphones Sennheiser HD 280 Pro
  • Work stations
    • Digital audio workstation Avid Pro Tools 12 based on Apple iMac 4K (Intel Core i7, 4 cores, 3.3 GHz, 16 GB RAM);
    • Digital sound workstation Apple Logic Pro X based on Apple iMac 4K (Intel Core i7, 4 cores, 3.3 GHz, 16 GB RAM);
    • Audio Universal Audio Apollo DUO 18x24
    • Digital audio workstation Apple Logic Pro X based on Apple iMac (Intel Core i5, 4 cores, 2.5 GHz, 16 GB RAM);