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Sushkov Mikhail
Official TV or radio voice

  • Commercial spots > Volvo, Subaru, Miratorg, Peugeot, Gazpromneft, Arbidol, Coca-Cola
  • Dubbing, voice-over for movies > Takes from games
  • Business presentations > Virtual Office, Service Center
  • Documentaries > Ivanteevka, Kitay-gorod
  • Phone prompts, IVR > Ponyexpress

Solovieva Elena
Famous voice talent, dubbing actress

  • Business presentations > Maindemo
  • Commercial spots > Takes from commercials
  • Commercial spots > Flour The secret mistresses
  • Commercial spots > Clear Vita Abe

Derkach Yury
Official TV or radio voice

Yury Derkach
  • Commercial spots > Ford Mondeo, Quick Step, Grippferon, Eldorado
  • Commercial spots > Компливит, Gillete, Lipton
  • Commercial spots > Indigo, Finn Flare, MTS

Zubkova Olga
Famous voice talent, dubbing actress

  • Commercial spots > Duemarx, Actimel
  • Commercial spots > Colgate, Finess, Vichy
  • Dubbing, voice-over for movies > Angelina Joly
  • Phone prompts, IVR > Dunno & Partners, I have long forgotten about you

Polischuk Vsevolod
Famous voice talent, vocalist

  • Commercial spots > Shampoo Head & Shoulders
  • Commercial spots > Hyundai, Toyota, Samsung, PFR, Renaissance Insurance, Sberbank, Solpadein, Tashir Development, Tinkoff Bank, TNT TV-channel promo
  • Vocal > Vocal commercial
  • e-Learning, trainings > Weber Vetonit
  • Phone prompts, IVR > Ponyexpress

Leontieva Alevtina
Famous voice talent, vocalist

  • Commercial spots > Tween, Sleep-n-play, Yours dacha, Citronix, Lalaloopsy, Park Kultury, Peps
  • Vocal > Song
  • Commercial spots > Depo-Ego
  • Commercial spots > Magazine

Chonishvili Sergey
Famous voice talent, Honoured Artist

  • Business presentations > Russian Railways
  • Dubbing, voice-over for movies > Cycle of chemical products and organic chemistry
  • Business presentations > Crisis Center of Rosatom
  • Business presentations > IPCG
  • Business presentations > TransMashHolding

Bondarenko Tatyana
Famous voice talent, dubbing actress

  • e-Learning, trainings > I am dissatisfied with your report
  • e-Learning, trainings > Teen-like voice in e-learning
  • e-Learning, trainings > Poema Demon by Lermontov
  • Commercial spots > Steam iron Philips
  • Commercial spots > May anyone needs me

Ivanov Andrey
Official TV or radio voice

  • e-Learning, trainings > Business training
  • Dubbing, voice-over for movies > Aquaticsonar
  • Business presentations > TransTelecom
  • Business presentations > MMK
  • Dubbing, voice-over for movies > The pro-rector on administrative work

Vashneva Daria
Popular voice talent

  • Commercial spots > The Agusha. Dairy food for children
  • Vocal > Miel Pops,Sberbank, MC Donalds, Mr. Proper, Posidelkino
  • Commercial spots >, Libresse, Lipton, MC Donalds, Merz, Petelinka

Vostrikov Alexey
Famous voice talent, dubbing actor

  • Commercial spots > Jacobs Monarch, Citylink, Windows Veka, ISOVER, MacDonalds, Urban Group, Esquire Park, United Medical Centre

Bashkireva Irina
Famous voice talent, dubbing actor

  • Commercial spots > Danissimo, Fervex, Garnier Pure Skin, Vanish, Felix
  • Commercial spots > Happy Kids, Wild Orchid, Coffeehouse Croy, Shape Magazine, Uzpolyn, The Edge of Reasonable, Chris

Brezhnev Yury
Famous voice talent, dubbing actor

  • Commercial spots > Beer, automobile, computer, house wigh is bould by Som
  • Business presentations > Voice talent demo

Salekh Christine
Popular voice talent

  • Commercial spots > L'oreal
  • Commercial spots > Dior, Guerlain, Maybelline
  • Commercial spots > Givenchy, Nivea, Twix, Remindton, Skechers, Galinka Blanca

Bokhon Viktor
Famous voice talent, dubbing actor

  • Business presentations > RUSAL
  • Commercial spots > Toasts for Sarovbusinessbank
  • Business presentations > Cottage settlement Slavkovo
  • Dubbing, voice-over for movies > Russia and South Africa
  • Business presentations > Moscow Brake Plant

Daragan Marina
Talented voice

  • Commercial spots > Takes from commercial
  • Commercial spots > Children's stomatologic polyclinic
  • Dubbing, voice-over for movies > Sound card
  • Commercial spots > Diamond Jewelry Salon
  • Parody > Hi, it's your cell phone

Vostretsov Sergey
Official TV or radio voice

  • Commercial spots > Audi center South, Autoaduiocentre, doors Torex, TNT, Flysites
  • Commercial spots > Shampoo Head & Shoulders, transport pay card Troika
  • Business presentations > Radio promo

Ivasishina Elena
Famous voice talent, dubbing actress

Elena Ivasishina
  • Commercial spots > Maybelline
  • Commercial spots > Takes without background
  • Commercial spots > L'oreal, Airwick, Zeva, Letoile, Mega
  • Business presentations > Avon

Kitaev Igor
Famous voice talent, dubbing actor

  • Commercial spots > TwixЖ Whose side are you?
  • Commercial spots > World of BMW
  • Commercial spots > Brazil is wating
  • Commercial spots > Prostamol: Just be a man
  • Documentaries > Mystery age: TITANIC

Suleymanova Arzu
Famous voice talent, dubbing actress

  • Commercial spots > Activia, Love Republic, Armani, Bounty, Ford Scott Kuga, Garnier
  • Commercial spots > Greenfield, Johnson Baby, Lancome, L'Oreal
  • Commercial spots > Lumene, MAGGI, Nesquik
  • Commercial spots > SAKS Blister, VICHY, Ya, Bounty

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Audio production and voice-over recording services in Moscow. We provide Russian voice-over recording for commercials, corporate video, e-learnings and IVR. Moreover we suggest Georgian, Kazakh voice-over recording and voice-over recording in other languages too. AUDIO-STUDIO.RU provides background music, FX, mixing and mastering for broadcasting.

This is our Voice-over talents data-base. Professional voice-over artists, voice actresses & voice actors, news readers, radio & TV presenters and narrators. Voice talents base contains samples of more then 100 Russian native-speaker actors!

Your first step to place an order for voice-over recording is choosing the voice for your project. To choose voice actor or voice actress, please use integrated Filter to find the voice meets project special requirements, such as sex, age, budget limits. Just chel mark at the necessary parameters in the filter. Do not forget to choose language! Then press button "Find", under the filter. When your project needs voice-over recording in different languages, you can mark numerous languages at once, keeping Ctrl or Shift keys on the keyboard. If your inquiry corresponds a few actors, similar voices also will be offered you. At selection of similar actors the least significant criteria of search are ignored.

You can find some extra information about current voice talent when click on photo or name. Personal talent's page will show you experiences of chosen person and all his or her demo samples. If you need you can download any sample from our website.