Our offers

 First of all, we are Russian company with sound recording studio based in Moscow. So we suggest voice actors and actresses choice from out database.

Audio & TV commercial

Russian voice-over recording, including voice fee, studio works, usage rights for 1 year in 1 country for only 150 euro.

Corporate video & business presentations

Russian voice-over recording for 5-minuts length corporate video, including studio works, voice fee, unlimited usage rights for only 200 euro.


Russian narration recording, including soundfiles splitting and naming, voice fee and usage rights for only 10 euro per minute.

Additional options

We are happy to suggfest you license backround music for only 100 euro, mixing and mastering (voice-over with background music and FX) for 100 euro.

General terms for all special offers above

Production time is 5 working days. We provide a limited choice of voice talents. The price includes: voice fee, the work of the sound engineer for recording and limited posproduction, usage. These proposals apply only to projects, voiced in Russian.