Our offer is only for russian high schools students living in Moscow.

We can help you to get voice-over job! We suggest you to test the forces as the voice-over talent. You have to pass successfully our demo-casting. We have for you special offer!

Demo-casting is a complex service of our studio for begginers voice-over talents. We record some of fragments of the text. It will be your demo. If you show abilities and skill of reading, this demo will be published in our Bank of voices. Also, we will place your additional information on our site and we will provide advertising support to you during two months!

All of these only for 1500 roubles.

!!!We need talents in any language!!!

Publishing of your demo in our Bank of voices – is really favourable! Cost of a demo-casting is defined by amount of studio works, which we carry out for you to help you to find job in sphere of a voice-over recording.

The first stage of a demo-casting is filling of our form. In this form you have to specify the your contact information, education and other points.

Download this form now.


  1. Sound recording of some small fragments of the text (5-10 texts, above 1-1,5 minutes of final audio duration each)
  2. Processing and editing of the recorded soundfiles of your demo
  3. Burning CD with your demo (we will give this disk to you)
  4. Entering of data of your questionnaire in the Database (if you show skill of reading, it is termless)
  5. Publishing of your demos in Bank of voices (if you show skill of reading):
    • The publication on a site of Studio, in section "Voice-over artists" it is termless, including the additional information about you and your photo;
    • Publishing your demo in the software version of Bank of voices at the first updating is termless. We distribute this disk free of charge among our constant and potential clients;
  6. Gradual updating of your demos-files in Bank of voices (at presence of demand for your voice).
  7. The publication of the message about you on a site of Studio, in the advertising block (in the right top corner):
    • On the main page of a site in current of 1-st month;
    • After the first month, in the advertising block of page "Voice-over artists" for 1 month.
  8. The publication of the message about you on a site, in section of "News" for current date it is termless.

You should show the student's card of russian high scool, valid for date of carrying out of your demo-casting.

We invite to mutually advantageous cooperation!