There are too many voice-over talents in our Bank of voices! Listening of all these recordings will take a lot of your time. Save your time! The integrated filter will help you find the voice-over talent you need! Just chek mark necessary points. 

Some practical advice.

For example, you find a voice for scoring business presentation. You need young male voice for this project. You also would like, that voice-over artist must have some experience of scoring of corporate films. Just chek mark: sex - male, voice age - young adult, genre - business presentations then click Find.

This is the results.

Now we shall assume, that you need to score some phone prompts in Russian. Usually IVR voice menu services can be scored using female voices. Age of the voice doesn't meter to you. You need in good price this time. Just chek mark: sex - female, genre - Phone prompts IVR, Project's cost - budget.

Here is your results.

Take a look to additional information! Just click mouse on photo, name or number of the actors and you get extra information about talent. Here you find out talent's full name, will see his photo and also all demo samples with his or her voice!