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Scheblanov Daniil
Famous voice talent, dubbing actor

Scheblanov Daniil

Daniil Shchelbanov - recognizable voice actor voice acting in famous Russian animation movies


Actors dubbing cartoons occupy a special place in the bulletin board, with which our recording studio cooperates. Among the actors of the voice acting of cartoons, Daniil Shchelbanov has one of the most charismatic and recognizable voices. It's his voice in the Russian box office say favorite characters in the "Adventure of Tin-Tina" and many other animation and feature films.


Attracting the recognizable voice of Russian dubbing into your multimedia project is an effective method of unconscious impact on the viewer or listener. Faced with a familiar voice, a person with great confidence refers to sounding information. This increases the effectiveness of advertising. And if the video is of an informational nature - trust in information.


One of the main talents of Daniel is the ability to voice characters, changing his voice. So according to "Multiplity" he voiced a record number of characters - 19.


As well as other famous actors of dubbing, Daniel works in a tight schedule, therefore we recommend to book his services in advance with our mediation.


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