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Roman Osipov
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Roman Osipov

Russian voice-over recordings for commecrials with Roman Osipov

Professional recording studio AUDIO-STUDIO.RU offers Russian voice-over recording with voice talnet Roman Osipov. He has a truly unforgettable baritone, which makes selling absolutely any advertisement.

The announcer has an impressive work experience - since 1999. He collaborated with many radio stations and TV channels of the CIS, Armenia, Kazakhstan, as well as the countries of the European Union, the United States and Thailand. A clear, recognizable voice of the announcer is a prerequisite for an accurate, correct delivery of the information flow to the consumer. You can not ignore this aspect when voicing commercials. The skill is to convey the essence of an important information block for a short period of time.

Russian male voice actor Roman Osipov works in a variety of ways, such as commercials, various announcements of events, offscreen text reading, dubbing of films and videos, audio scoring audiobooks.

You should record Russian voice-over with Roman Osipov, if required:

  • a popular, recognizable voice that will make listeners loyal to your product or service; 
  • easy, fast cooperation with a responsible professional whose reputation is confirmed by an impressive experience and customer base;
  • twenty years of experience as a voice announcer. Roman knows exactly how to give your video originality;
  • a chic bass baritone that always sounds confident and memorable for a long time.

On the page of the site you can listen to the work of the announcer and make sure of the skill of Roman. In the same place you can calculate the exact price for the services of scoring. To do this, the site has a special form, in which you need to specify the time and type of work.

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