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Nina Tobilevich
Famous voice talent, dubbing actress
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Nina Tobilevich

Nina Tobilevich is a famous Russian actress, who was remembered by us in the roles in the Soviet films "Bow to the Ground", "The Time of the Sons", "Somn White Princes". She had a great potential and a love of acting from childhood. Graduated from the prestigious Moscow university - VGIK - where she studied the acting course of Evgeny Matveyev. Having received an acting education, she continued her studies at the director's faculty.

Advantages of scoring a professional actress:

• Has a wide voice range, can sound both small girls, and adult women;

• universality of the voice of the speaker. Works with audio and video advertising, films, information clips, makes voice-over scoring;

• long-term acting experience and a perfectly honed ability to modulate the voice;

• easily voiced all female roles in the cult television series "Rescuers Malibu";

• was engaged in the Russian voice acting of the heroine Matilda in the cult film "Leon-Killer";

• Has twenty years of experience in the sound of foreign films and TV shows; • began his film career in 1985;

• The sound of Nina's voice can easily be adjusted to the heroine of any age, because her solid work experience guarantees a quality and original product;

• Cooperation with Nina Tobilevich is exceptionally comfortable, she always gives up work on time.

Advantages of the order of the announcer Nina Tobilevich and cooperation with AUDIO-STUDIO.RU

We take on our responsibility all the negotiations with Nina and agree on the timing of the work. The voice of the announcer is recorded on the new professional equipment. Thanks to this, the sound is only of exceptional quality, it meets all the necessary standards. The cost of the services of the announcer is estimated depending on the terms and quantity of the material. We guarantee strict adherence to deadlines and decency of staff

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