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Evgeniya Anshlak
Talented voice
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Evgeniya Anshlak

Evgeniya Anshlak - a Russian female voice, which has to itself

Russian voice talent with 5 years of work experience is popular with those who want to record audio advertising, a greeting on an answering machine, voice navigator, infographic, audiobook, find the perfect voiceover voice. Enshlak EugeniEvgeniya Anshlak is a talented specialist who skillfully uses his skills for any material.

An intriguing voice, having to itself, will attract the attention of the female and male audience in a commercial or advertisement. The richness of the timbre, intonations, allows Eugene to place accents and cause the listener to have an emotional response. Such a young, soft voice is immediately remembered by listeners.
Eugene perfectly enters the role, makes the audio tracks emotionally saturated. It works with different formats, knowing the specifics of each of them.

Voice acting in English (Russian accent)
If you need a speaker with experience working on the radio, which will read the English text of any format, then Eugene at your service. Flawless speech and accurate pronunciation will be highly appreciated even by the audience of native speakers.
You can order:
· Audio;
· Voice greeting;
· Recording of the answering machine;
· Voice acting for programs, navigation systems, etc.

Many customers find it much easier to find a Russian-speaking speaker, explain their requirements to him, than to look for foreigners' voice-over. Naturally, sounding in a foreign language will cost more than in Russian.
Professional voice and voice in the studio
Evgeniya Anshlak is a flexible and easy-going person who catches the essence of each order and subtly transfers it with her voice, intonation, using her professional skills and her own experience.

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