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Dmitry Chichov
Famous voice talent, dubbing actor
  • > Takes from documentaries
  • > Muravein, Hugo Ice, Loucost, Tele2, Scarlett, Audi, Boss
  • > Scarlett, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, Antony Hopkings, Kimberly Residence, SAS
  • > Takes from motion pictures localized in Russian, dubbing and voice-over

Dmitry Chichov

Young and energetic, real voice of a successful person. His voice is a great alternative, by the way, to Russian famous voiceover talent Vsevolod Polishchuk, who is also in demand in youth advertising. Dmitry Chichkov is Russian native-apeaker voice actor who speak English very well too.

As a dubbing actor, he voiced such films as: the X-Files series (Bruce Harwood's Russian voice); Mission Impossible, rogue tribe; Terminator. Genesis; series Event and Castle. Dmitry Chichkov was also involved as a dubbing director in the series Event and Castle. Dmitry Chichkov takes an active part in the fielad of videogames voicing! You can hear Dmitry in Russian localization of "Gears of War" and "Halo 5".

Of course, Russian voice-over talent Dmitry Chichkov is in demand in advertisements and sounds in commercials Martini, Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Phillips, Kinder, Canon, Tele2, Audi, Alfa Bank, Kaspersky Lab, AirPano, Leica, Linde, Rostec.

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