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The eloquence and individuality of the script, along with the rich sound, are crucial elements for an audio scene's triumph. That's why finding a skilled sound engineer and proficient actor-announcers is vital. If you value the assurance of the outcome, kindly get in touch with AUDIO-STUDIO.RU.



Our services

We record game commercials with the participation of professional actors. We can order:

    recording of chracters for image audio clips;
    localization of foreign commercials into Russian;
    synchronous dubbing on Russian for foreign rollers.

The company AUDIO-STUDIO.RU provides a wide base of Russian actors of dubbing.

Best choice of Russian voice actors and actresses!

For dialogues and characters recording, it is necessary to have a delivered voice, a fair share of artistry and the ability to convey emotions. It is important to match the scenario of the role of the actor, otherwise the process of work may be delayed. You can choose the speaker yourself or use our experts to quickly pick an actor that best fits in the image. A quality and memorable gameplay will create a real viral effect, which will entail an increase in sales of goods or services.
Benefits for customers

The company AUDIO-STUDIO.RU is a team of experienced professionals with many years of work experience. Creating gaming audio spots is the focus of our business. By entrusting this task to our specialists, you receive:

  •     reasonable prices;
  •     modern equipment;
  •     operational execution;
  •     quality result.

The list of our clients includes companies of different sizes and fields of activity. We invest in creative thinking and practical experience. To know the preliminary cost of the project, fill out a special form. Have questions left? Call right now. Our specialists answer all appeals.

We offer the recording of acting playing for commercials. Recording of dialogues.We work as with the best dubbing actors and actresses. Localization of commercials in Russian. Synchronous dubbing of foreign advertising video.



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