Polyphony 31 voices
Sampler Sigma-Delta 64 times oversampling, 16-bit, 30kHz or 44.1kHz variable sampling rates; 127 WaveSamples, up to 8 Layers per Program.
Sample Memory 2 MB expandable to 16 MB
Filters 2 digital filters in series, one low-pass, one high pass. Up to 4-pole filtering with 6, 12, 18, and 24 dB/oct slopes.
Envelope 3 envelopes: Env 1 to WaveSample Pitch; Env 2 to WaveSample Filter Cutoff; Env 3 to WaveSample Amplitude.
Sequencer 16 tracks, 80 Patterns (999 measure limit each), 1 Song at a time
Effects 1 effects unit with 50 to 62 effects including vocoder (reverbs, chorus, flange, phaser, distortion, digital delay, speaker effects)
Keyboard 61 keys w/ velocity and aftertouch (88 weighted keys on ASR-88)
Patch Memory 8 Instruments
Control MIDI (8-parts)