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Russian English
Yury Smirnov
Billingual voice talent, Russian and English voice
  • > Corporate presentation (eng)
  • > Business presentation (eng)
  • > The Magnitogorsk Iron and Steelworks
  • > The GAS Vybory
  • > Corporate movie (eng)
  • > Meeting of 2 leaders
  • > Takes from English training
  • > Food chain (eng)
  • > Lenguage course (eng)
  • > Government election system
  • > Modern postal system in Scotland
  • > The political system of the United Kingdom
  • > Industrial presentation (ru)
  • > Business presentation (ru)
  • > Voice-over for tourist video (ru)
  • > Voice-over for tourist video (ru)

Yury Smirnov

Young, talented with British English as a second language. A great choice for dubbing energetic advertising films/promos in two languages (Russian&English) by one speaker. Has scholarship in English (graduated from the Institute of Foreign Languages at MCPU). Had internship at Williams College, USA. Since 2003 has been recording English texts (for English course books), presentations and advertising texts both in Russian and English. Can change voice tone from teenage to mature. The voice is good for dubbing films, series and audiobooks.

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