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Victoria Nakleskina
Talented voice
  • > Takes from radio commercials
  • > Venice mask
  • > Antoine de Saint-Exupery. The Little Prince
  • > Tatiana Romanova. Thunderstorm 12th year

Victoria Nakleskina

Victoria has extensive experience as a voice actress, television and radio leading live. Of cause she is Russian native-speaker. She easily reads difficult scripts. Victoria is able to wander freely and reincarnation can voice several characters in the project. Large range of voice, soft voice, acting and vocal abilities. Pin, hardworking, competent, cheerful and quite mobile!

In the creative arsenal: various recording of audio books (children's, educational); recording vocals; Information and game videos; Information and journalistic and game programs, including video games; scoring documentaries; news stories; record information for shopping centers and telephone companies....

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