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Tatyana Bondarenko
Famous voice talent, dubbing actress
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Tatyana Bondarenko

Why is Tatiana Bondarenko's voice is preable for you Russian localizations?

If you at least once listened to the radio broadcasts on the state radio "Culture", you are certainly familiar with the voice of theatrical actress and professional Russian voice talent Tatyana Bondarenko. Ms. Bondarenko received a theatrical education in GITIS, where she studied in the studio of Professor Boris Mordvinov. After studying, she worked in Moscow theaters, developing her experiences in he field Russian voice-over recordings.

Features and advantages of working with Tatyana Bondarenko:

  • professionally articulates audio and video commercials, buisiness presentations, makes Russian voice-over;
  • cooperates with major Russian publishers in the professional voiceovers of audiobooks. The last works in which you can hear Tatyana's voice are the sensational novel of Telluria by Vladimir Sorokin and Pelevin's "iPhuck 10";
  • Has a wide voice range - from viola to mezzo-soprano; has outstanding acting skills, in particular, knows how to modulate children's and cartoon voices;
  • was filmed in Russian TV series, of which the most significant roles were in the television series "Mentovskie wars" and "Road patrol." Has a great experience in theater productions; Tatyana Bondarenko's voice was most popular in advertising communications products of major brands Aeroexpress, Nescafe, Durex, Rich, Nokia, Yves Rocher and Motorola.
  • The sound of the voice of Tatyana Bondarenko easily adapts to your product. A great experience as a speaker and a lot of completed diverse projects make cooperation comfortable - as you expect from a professional.

The benefits of the voice recording order of Tatyana Bondarenko at the media production AUDIO-STUDIO.RU

We take full responsibility for negotiations with Tatyana, coordinate deadlines and a convenient time for the accumulation of materials. Voice-over recording is recorded on professional equipment, providing it with a sound that meets modern standards. The cost of Ms. Bondarenko's services is estimated depending on the project to which she is involved as a speaker, and is agreed upon prior to the start of cooperation. We guarantee strict observance of the terms and the specified nuances of the recording. Start cooperation with the announcer Tatyana Bondarenko, leaving the application on the site or by phone: +7 (495) 782-75-44. We conduct consultations and selection of voice for your projects of any direction and complexity.

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