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Tamirlan Islamov
Talented voice
  • > Matrix 10, Ball perfect shape, African fairy tales, Wedding salon Bride
  • > Mining enterprise in Arzamas, Beta testing of the server, Winemaking
  • > Russo-Japanese War, Alaska, Dyatlov Expedition
  • > Assistance to a motorcyclist injured in an accident
  • > Legal Supermarket, LineCity, Electric Books
  • > Takes from some recording of video game characters
  • > The Wolf of Wall Street and other
  • > takes from audiobooks
  • > Pet Shop IVR

Tamirlan Islamov

Tamirlan Islamov is a Russian native-speaker voiceover and voice actor. He is an entertainer, a reader and an artist of the spoken genre. As a Russian voice talemnt, he voice commercials, documentaries, audiobooks, video games, dubs charaters in movies and records voice-overs in documentaries. His voice is spoken by answering machines, navigators, IVR phone prompts, information and notification systems on transport.

In addition, Tamirlan Islamov owns academic vocals. According to the classical classification it is baritone bass between С major octave and С one-accented octave. He has performed opera arias, romances, folk songs, pop hits of both retro and modern repertoire on stage and in the studio numerous times.

Tamirlan Islamov has an advanced tuneful ear and is able to qualitatively imitate accents, dialectsto, to work in the genre of parodies. There are some well-known in Russia celebraties, such as Dmitry Nagiyev, Dmitry Dibrov, Nikolay Drozdov, Vladimir Solovyov, Pyotr Kuleshov, Yuri Levitan, Anatoly Papanov, Evgeny Leonov, Leonid Brezhnev, Boris Yeltsin, Vladimir Putin, Alexander Lukashenko, Ramzan Kadyrov, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Valeria Novodvorskaya, Nikita Mikhalkov, Nikita Dzhigurda. he also successfully reproduces the speech of Santa Claus, Baba Yaga and other characters of Russian folk tales, as well as cartoon characters from Russian famous animation like Matrosskin the Cat, Carlson, The Wolf from "Once upon a dog", SpongeBob, etc.

Russian voice talent Tamirlan Islamov is always ready for orders of any complexity.


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