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Olga Nevskaya
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Olga Nevskaya

Famous Russian voice talent Olga Nevskaya. Well-know voice to everyone in Russia!

Annoucements of Russia's international airports are voiced by Olga Nevskaya. Her voice can be heard in airports Vnukovo (Moscow), Tolmachevo (Novosibirsk), Roschino (Tyumen), FlyArystan (Astana, Kazakhstan), Ural Airlines.

Olga Nevskaya recorded an audio guide for the Paralympic Village in Sochi, including autoinformers, buses, “talking traffic lights”; Olympic Sochi 2014)

The most significant projects voiced by Olga Nevskaya are


  • Glonas system, Garmin navigator (Russian prompts), Strelka radar detector, factory firmware of car radios
  • Sapsan electric trains and "Lastochka", passenger trains of Russian Railways of Karelia
  • electronic queue of state institutions (tax, etc.)
  • fire-fighting system of shopping center Mega, Obi, Ikea
  • Children's Radio actress (MSK), Program «Brownie and all-all-all». oles: Peri, Elf, Salamander, Sphinx, Valkyrie. - audio fairy tale "Red and Striped" (author Andrey Belyanin), role – Striped, Pani Rumpeleva
  • Russian rock group "April March" - solo and backing vocals in the cover program "Melodies and rhythms of foreign pop music" - Russian rock group Chaif, song «Postman», album «Cinema, wine and dominoes», backing vocals, 2013
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