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Mikhail Sushkov
Official TV or radio voice
  • > Volvo, Subaru, Miratorg, Peugeot, Gazpromneft, Arbidol, Coca-Cola
  • > Takes from games
  • > Virtual Office, Service Center
  • > Ivanteevka, Kitay-gorod
  • > Ponyexpress
  • > Audioguide. Portrait of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna
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Mikhail Sushkov

Russian native-speaker voice talent Mikhail Sushkov.

Professional Russian voice for commercials, corporate films, and business presentations is the key to the success of the company. This is an excellent opportunity to win the trust of customers and draw attention to their activities. In order for the voice process to take a minimum of time, and the result completely satisfies you, it's best to choose Russian oice talent with a lot of experience in this field. 

Russian voice talemt Mikhail Sushkov is the person who is able to revive a video of any type: image, training, social, viral. He is ready to take even for the scoring of a full-length film. AUDIO-sTUDIO.RU has been cooperating with Mikhail Sushkov for many years and is ready to agree on mutually beneficial cooperation already today. The website lists the announcer's contacts, as well as examples of ready-made works.

Why Mikhail Sushkov?

Many clients choose exactly work with Mikhail. This is due to a number of reasons: · Recognizable voice. The announcer cooperated with leading companies (MTS, Volvo, Otrivin), besides he works for Radio FM and often appears on TV channel T24. Michael also voiced films ("Transformers", "Parkland", "Crew", "Riddick"). It is especially noteworthy that Mikhail Sushkov was engaged in the voice acting of Edward Kenuei;

· It's a pleasure to work with him. Michael is very understanding and interesting person. He, despite the fact that he achieved much in his work, is ready to listen to the customer's comments and always takes into account his wishes. Cooperation will be guaranteed to be productive, easy and fast;

· Mikhail Sushkov is an actor. He grew up in an actor's family, and his mother worked as a teacher of scenic speech, so he was taught from childhood the basics of acting, which was useful in his work; Velvet baritone. Most people trust exactly this voice, it is pleasant enough to listen and makes you pay attention;

· Efficiency of work. Possessing such a great experience, the announcer from the first time records the videos, immediately catching the message and emotional coloring of the video. The cost of scoring for this speaker depends on the duration of the video and the complexity of the work.

To find out the exact price, you need to contact the studio staff. We will gladly help with any question. Do you want to create a really high-quality and attention-grabbing video? Choose the voiceovers of Mikhail Sushkov! The company AUDIO-STUDIO.RU is ready to take care that everything goes at the highest level and is beneficial for both sides. We guarantee the efficiency of the work and the high professionalism of the scoring. Call the phone number listed on the website.

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