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Marat Timokhin
Voice talent vocalist
  • > Travel agency, Big Love Show, Autotechcenter Restoration
  • > IVR phone prompts
  • > Khunzakh district
  • > Terry Pratchett - Santa Boar
  • > Takes from songs

Marat Timokhin

Marat is Russian native-speaker voice actor and vocalist. He has a stunning and incredible tone of his voice, rich in overtones, which makes the sound of his videos convincing. Voice talent Marat Timokhin has began working in the field of sound recording since 1994. Took part in the scoring of the projects "Gambling Dan" (Discovery), "Dancing with the Stars", "Amazing People" (Russia1), "Women's Version" (TVC), "Leaders of Russia" ("Russia is a country of opportunities" project), computer games "Halo2" "Halo3" "Gears of war", many documentaries, concert programs, cartoons.
Vocals: Academic vocals, Jazz, Variety

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