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Leonid Kutsar
Voice talent, theater and cinema actior
  • > Martin Franco, Polaris, Blues music
  • > Everyone's gone to dance
  • > Joseph Brodsky - I loved you, Al Pacino interview with Larry King

Leonid Kutsar

Above all male voice talent Leonid Kutsar is the voice of Love Radio (Russian radio station)

Back in 2000, when Love Radio started broadcasting, it could be recognized by Leonid's voice. Now Leonid is engaged in voice acting, participates in theatrical productions and acts in movies. He has also been teaching stage speech at the Institute of Contemporary Art since 2021. He graduated from the Leningrad Theater Institute (LGITMiK) in 1993.

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Having a velvety timbre and a soulful intonation of his voice, Leonid is ready to provide it for your tasks.

Work experience:

  • From 1998 to 2003 he worked as a radio presenter at Russian radio stations: Prestige-Radio, RADIO-ROKS, RDV, LOVE-RADIO (official voice), Radio ON-LINE.
  • radio presenter of the Astro-Kitchen program; "Psi factor"; "Blues in style" and several headings;
  • author and performer of vcouple characters in movies, series, radio commercials and videos;
  • Teacher of stage speech at the Institute of Contemporary Art on the course of Yegor Druzhinin.

The key activities of Leonid Kutsar are Russian voice-over, movies dubbing and video games characters.

  • The announcer works in different genres:
  • has a deep velvety and energetic baritone voice;
  • does voice acting for various characters;
  • does a great job with vocals;
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