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Ksenia Titova
Talented voice
  • > Toyota, Berkhoff, Corvette, Phobia point ru, Park Fairytale, Galaxy
  • > VIP Ecology, Luxor, Flat Online, Fairytale Park, Buisiness Corporation
  • > Love Republic, Galaxy, Mint, Actimal Plus, Corvette, Sergio Pizza, Just Cafe Lounge, Axel, Peugeot
  • > Takes from Fairy tales
  • > Club spots

Ksenia Titova

Ksenia TITOVA is professional Russian-native voice in the world of "Sound". It is called "voice-designer" for the ability to "get used" in advertising images. Russian voice-over recorded by Ksenia Titova's voice are always fresh, bright, young and modern. She also voiced a lot of automobile commercials (Toyota, Mazda, Mercedes, etc.), about the most fashionable brands of clothing and cosmetics (L'etoile, Rive Gauche, Yves Rocher, Gloria Jeans, Prado, Meucci), she is trusted to voice Radio Wave and Jingle Packages, she records any annoucements for Championships, shows, beauty contests, as well as answering machines for large oil, construction and development companies; this voice can be heard in navigation systems and trainings, as well as in video presentations.

Voice of Ksenia Titova could be called the "smart voice". She take a part in audiobooks recording, and also provide different characters: mummies, wives, imitates a female voice for cartoons, gets used to the role of mistress and stupid "blonde shopaholic", imitates / parodies any language.

Having many years of experience working on radio, Russian voice talent Ksenia Titova is able to read the scripts in couple oа reading tyles such as intelligent, news or as a real DJ behind the console. Can voice the texts as a journalist with a floating intonation or as a toastmaster at a wedding! Can cry, laugh, scream, hysterize, grumble and erotic breathe. The main thing - for this multi-faceted announcer - is to clearly set the task in the technical task!
Alto, the soprano.

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