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Konstantin Gaichuk
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Konstantin Gaichuk

Talented Russian voice talent Konstantin Gaychuk is gifted by nature with a beautiful baritone. He was born and educated, which is not related to his current profession, in Kazakhstan, but already in his student years managed to gain experience in television and radio, was invited to Russia. And even though he does not live in Moscow today, his voice is the visiting card of the capital radio station "Militia Wave" and the popular VBC Radio in Vladivostok.


This is a top-class professional with a lot of experience. He managed to work in the field of advertising, performing the duties of a copywriter, sound engineer, announcer, finish acting courses, which still help reincarnate during the work, was the leader of various radio programs. The peak of Konstantin's career was the opening of his own studio.


On the channel MATCH TV you could hear a lot of sports stories, which the announcer sounded with his elegant baritone. Konstantin Gaychuk is the winner of the advertising festivals "Siberian decibel", "Idea". His voice is associated with the well-known network "Corporation Center" and the company "OKAMI" (Ekaterina). The radio station "Vostok FM" chose his voice for registration of programs, announcements, etc., used in the spring-summer period.


This voice talent works in many directions:

  • commercials;
  • announcements;
  • voice-over;
  • dubbing;
  • audiobooks;
  • Presentations.


Konstantin has experience of independent sound engineering and creation of commercials - he managed to study all the nuances of the announcer's work in advertising. In his opinion, it is the voice that will be the most significant element to attract attention to your service, product or event, which the client organizes. The saturated timbre of Constantine with pleasant overtones has long been in demand for audio clips and video advertising.


Russian voice talent Konstantin Gaichuk will be able to correctly voice your idea, quickly get used to the image and create an individual voice design. It works on weekdays, so it's better to book services in advance. With regard to payment, you can find out the cost of a specific order individually. The website provides an approximate price for writing text up to 30 seconds, as well as one page of text.


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