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Ivan Muraviev
Talented voice
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Ivan Muraviev

Ivan Muraviev is professional Russian native voice talent. Understanding the work of a sound engineer allows him to avoid the typical mistakes of speakers and quickly achieve a harmonious result.




Ivan Muraviev has a bright distinguished timbre of his voice. The clarity of his voice is accompanied by naturalness. This is easily seen by listening to the demo presented on the page. You will appreciate the style and skills of the announcer. The scope of activity of Ivan Muraviev includes:


audio and video advertising game videos, sound presentation of video presentations.


Ivan's voice can sounds like an adult voice and a boyish voice too. It should be noted that young voices are one of the most effective in terms of the impact on listeners. Ants has all the skills in order not only to convey information to listeners, but also to interest them. Experience, high culture of speech, impeccable diction and the ability to emphasize the right moments are the main advantages of Ivan Muraviev.


Career and achievements


Ivan Muravyov has been working in the field of sound recording for more than 15 years. He directed many commercials and wrote dozens of scripts. As a sound engineer, he participated in the creation of commercials for the largest enterprises in Perm (Toyota, Sberbank, the Family supermarket chain, Lexus and Jaguar car dealerships, Beeline, and others).


As a voice talent, Ivan Muraviev performed voice acting for commercials for Lexus and Mazda car dealerships, as well as for Best Electronics. He is the voiceover of Combasket advertising. Ants voiced presentation clips for the company Action 5, which were reviews of action cameras. If you like the voice, but it is not clear from the available material whether the announcer will cope with the task, request a draft sound directly for your project. Even professional announcers can not always convey the necessary mood. To calculate the cost of cooperation with this speaker, use the calculator posted on the site. You will get an approximate price. The final calculation is carried out after discussing all the details of a specific project.

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