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Irina Bashkireva
Famous voice talent, dubbing actor
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Irina Bashkireva

Irina Bashkireva - the official brandvoice of the Bolshoi Theater (entertainer), actress and opera singer. One of the most recognizable female voices of Russia.




Irina Bashkireva has a clear, melodic and memorable voice, which is an effective marketing tool. Her acting skills are indispensable in the process of creating a game of advertising, in which the ability to convey emotions to an audience is important. This announcer provides services in such areas as:


  • professional dubbing,
  • Russian voice-over,
  • radio advertising
  • video games.


The soft voice of Irina Bashkireva quickly captures the listener's attention, and the ability to play with intonation adds emotion and color to the roller. This is evidenced by the demo posted on the page.


Irina Bashkireva is a high skilled vpoice actress, therefore she takes part in projects of different directions. She has experience of many hours of work, which means that the process will not be delayed due to the need to do a lot of duplicates. Cooperating with it, you can be sure of the maximum embodiment of the project idea.


Career and achievements of Irina Bashkireva


Irina Bashkireva graduated from the Academy of Music specialty "solo singing". At the moment she works in the Bolshoi Theater, holds musical evenings and concerts. Bashkireva starred in the series “SashaTanya” (Russian TV channel TNT) as Tanya’s mother. She also has occasional roles in such projects famous in Russia as Rublevka-Live, Kulagin and Partners, Univer, Stake on Life, etc.


Irina Bashkireva is a well-known voice-over television commercial. She took part in the dubbing of the game clips of Detsky Mir, Vanish, Garnier, Danissima, Fervex, Favorite Garden, etc.


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