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Dmitry Gradov
Official TV or radio voice
  • > Opel Mokka, Russian movie anounce Alien relatives, Coldrex Maksgripp, plastic windows, Kenny G, Russian movie trailer Manuale d'am3re
  • > Ozone, The Crystal of Dreams

Dmitry Gradov

Professional and famous Russian radio and TV presenter. Popular voice in Russian commercials and dubbing actor. For many years of his professional career he worked as a radio presenter in couple Russian radio stations such as Europe Plus, Radio 7, Business FM, Vesti FM, Vesna FM, as well as on Russian TV channels: Russia24, Zvezda TV, TV Channel 360. Yandex Navigator's favorite Russian male voice. Seen in the commercials of Opel, Coldrex, H & P, Solpadein and many others.

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