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Arzu Suleymanova
Famous voice talent, dubbing actress
  • > Activia, Love Republic, Armani, Bounty, Ford Scott Kuga, Garnier
  • > Greenfield, Johnson Baby, Lancome, L'Oreal
  • > Lumene, MAGGI, Nesquik
  • > SAKS Blister, VICHY, Ya, Bounty

Arzu Suleymanova

Russian actress of theater and cinema, one of her most striking works - a role in Russian series Yasmin. Well-known Russian female voice in commercials. Arzu is a voice of the brands L'Oréal, Garnier, VICHY, Greenfield, Nesquik, Johnsons Baby, Lancome, Sheba, Activia, Bounty. She also has experience invoice-over and narration recordings for documentaries, their trailers and announcements, animation movies. Arzu Suleymanova is Russian actress of dubbing, the most famous work in the Russian versions of the films "Joy", "The Jungle Book".

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