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Artyom Kretov
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Artyom Kretov

Artem Kretov, being an actor of theater and cinema, collaborates with AUDIO-STUDIO.RU in the field of Russian voice-over recording.

Artem Kretov is brand-voice of Russian TV-channels Ren TV and Russia 2, as well as the Russian radio station "Nashe Radio", the famous Russian actor of theater and cinema Artem Kretov (the first role in the film "Mama" was played in 1976) is closely cooperating with AUDIO-STUDIO.RU.

At the moment, Artem Kretov played more than a dozen roles in the cinema. But theatergoers know him on the project "Passion for Richard" and work in the Stanislavsky theater, in particular - on the mono-issue "The Famine".

Possessing natural talent and profile education (graduated from GITIS), Artem Kretov can organically get used to the role. Even if he only needs to strain the vocal cords, he does it so naturally and in accordance with the way that the listener does not have a feeling of falsehood, on the contrary - the listener trusts the said. It's not for nothing that Artem Kretov's voice sounds in the television advertisement of the Coca-Cola corporation and such monsters of foreign automotive industry as Chevrolet and Renault.

Especially strongly Artem Kretov in demand for voice acting in games Russian localizations. On his account, several dozen works in this area. And he participated in such well-known projects as:

· Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty, StarCraft, Dead Space;

· Crysis, World of Warcraft, Mass Effect, etc.

Kretov was entrusted to duplicate the characters of Hollywood blockbusters "Donating Pawn" and "Beyond Yourself", as well as the popular cartoon "Rhone-Barbarian", in which he acted as a narrator.

Why do customers choose Russian voice talent Artem Kretov?

He has a pleasant recognizable voice, which is positively associated with listeners, causes trust. He is able to voice a children's fairy tale or a serious novel so that listeners can not tear themselves to the very end. He can be emotional or impartial, solemn and playful - it all depends on the image and wishes of the customer. The actor works promptly, efficiently, and keeps within exactly the agreed time.

Also one of the advantages of the actor is his enviable vocal data, so that it can be performed as a classical piece under the recording, as well as make rapping in the style. Can sing a corporate anthem or voice a jingle for a radio station.

Interested in professional Russian voice from Artem Kretov? Please contact us to discuss the terms of cooperation and leave a request for the work of one of the best professionals in the capital!

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