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Anton Savenkov
Voice talent, theater and cinema actior
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Anton Savenkov

Everyone wants to see a film, a series, a masterpiece of animation in their native language, but often the video is available only in the original language. Looking for an experienced professional, who has a clear diction, a pleasant voice, a speech? In this case, you need an announcer Anton Savenkov, who for many years (since 1991) is engaged in what makes intelligible to domestic viewers replicas of different characters.


Anton Savenkov is one of the most popular Russian dubbing actors. On his account more than 160 works on voice acting. You could hear Savenkov's voice in:


  • TV series "In All Grave", "Raising Hope", "Sherlock";
  • Famous feature films "Batman vs. Superman: At the dawn of justice", "Terminator: Genesis", "The Hobbit: Battle of Five Armies", "Elysium: Paradise is not on Earth";
  • cartoons "Postman Pat", "Bears-neighbors", "Sarila: The Lost Land", etc.
  • In addition to dubbing films, Anton Savenkov showed himself as an actor who at the moment played in such Russian films as "Chemist", "One Family", "Day of Anger".


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