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Alexey Vostrikov
Famous voice talent, dubbing actor
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Alexey Vostrikov

Alexey Vostrikov is a federal broadcaster, broadcaster, theater and film actor. One of the most recognizable voices of Russia.



Announcer Alexey Vostrikov is the owner of a strong, sonorous and mobile baritone. Due to the powerful presentation of his voice is highly in demand in the media market, especially in the field of image advertising. Alexey Vostrikov specializes in such areas as:


  • Russian voice over
  • radio commercial
  • audio advertising
  • IVR.


Alexey is a diverse speaker. The list of his works includes not only audio and video advertisements, but also audio books, films and greetings. Acoustic parameters of the voice and style of this announcer are suitable for recording informational clips. He is fluent in many advertising techniques.


Alexey Vostrikov has a voice and a pitch, prompting one to agree with all the statements of the message. For this reason, his narration is in demand among large companies. Listen to his voice right now by turning on one of the recordings presented on the site. The demo reflects the skills and style of the announcer. In addition, previous works by Alexei Vostrikov show that he is able to cope with diverse tasks.


Career and achievements


1993–1995 - was trained in the VITK of radio and TV workers in the specialty “announcer, live broadcast”.

1993–1996 - Worked as a leading program "News 2x2" on the channel "2x2".

1996-1999 - the announcer of the TV programs "Make a Step", "Look", "Silver Ball" and "Rush Hour".

1999–2002 - Leading the program "Everything is possible."

2004 - General producer of the program “Details” at the JTS.


Alexey Vostrikov took part in the advertising voice for such companies as McDonald's, VEKA Windows, Colgate, Terraflex, Sprite, Honda, Gazprombank, Carlsberg, Citylink, Google, Mr. Proper, Jacobs, Rostiks, Aeroflot, Staropramen, MegaFon, Samsung, etc. This broadcaster also participated in the creation of a series of films about Moscow as a candidate for the 2012 Olympic Games.


Experience in the theater and cinema allows this speaker to easily get used to any role. His acting skills are especially in demand in the video clips.


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