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Alexander Kremnev
Billingual voice talent, Russian and English voice
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Alexander Kremnev

Russian native-speaker voice-over talent with 10 years experinces in this field!
Alexander Kremnev voice sounds on air at numerous Russian radiostations such as
“Doroghnoe Radio”, “Radio Dlya Dvoih”, “Radio Baltica”, “Neva FM”. Some customers have been already chose Alexander Kremnev voice for their projects are St. Petersburg Subway, the St. Petersburg Subway Museum, the St. Petersburg State Philharmonia, Mercedes BENZ, Volkswagen, Lukoil, VTB, Gazprom Neft, RBI, Ritter Sport, Yandex, Mail.ru Group, Beeline and others.

Russian voice talent Alexander Kremnev has taken part in many international audiovisual projects, such as the audio guide for the State Museum of Modern Art in Greece, Thessaloniki; audioguide for the Cathedral in Vilnius, Lithuania; voiceover for the National Antinarcotic Union film, 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Second language of Alexander Kremnev is English and he speaks English very well. He is brand-voice of Moscow radio station CAPITAL FM. Also, he recorded voiceover for  various training courses and games in English and Russian.

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