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Russian English
Alevtina Pugatch
Billingual voice talent, Russian and English voice
  • > voice mail, UralTel company (ru)
  • > GPS navigation (ru)
  • > Microcontent (ru)
  • > Tales of Power, Part 2, tonal and nagual by Castaneda KS
  • > Presentation. Company NewVeis (ru)
  • > Audioadvertising (ru)
  • > Phone prompt

Alevtina Pugatch

Russian native-speaker female voice-over talent. Radio presenter, dubbin' actress. She has experience in field of voice-over recording more then 10 years. Monk Female from Blizzard Diblo III speaks Russian by Alevtina's voice. And of cause there are a lot of phone prompts recorded for many Russian and International companies.

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