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Production of safety rollers: the benefits of using new technologies

The shooting of video security has been popular with large companies for several decades. Modern technologies have made the creation of corporate training videos affordable for medium-sized businesses. In addition to raising the status of the company, this approach allows for efficient distribution of the time of personnel involved in briefing and solving a number of other issues.

Order the development and production of security video rollers at the AUDIO-STUDIO.RU company, if such important advantages are important to you:


  • Reduction of the time allocated for instruction. An informative video allows for 15-20 minutes to bring to the viewer knowledge, usually fit in an hour and a half lecture;
  • safety rollers make briefings independent of the employment of a safety engineer. Due to this, you can be sure that the staff has been given introductory or repeated instruction even during the vacation or illness of the person in charge;
  • the introduction of uniform safety standards. If your company has affiliates, the use of video materials ensures that personnel are trained on a single program. If necessary, the videos can be supplemented with materials that are relevant for individual branches or divisions;
  • the opportunity to make more illustrative examples of violations of safety requirements due to two-dimensional or three-dimensional graphics without risk to the health and life of staff.


Advantages of cooperation with AUDIO-STUDIO.RU


Our experience in this segment of the production of training video materials confirms a reduction in the incidence of occupational injuries in the organizations that used our services by 20-70% depending on the specifics of the business. To the production of a security video, we involve the responsible engineer of your enterprise and the technical specialists of the studio. By prior arrangement, the video may contain game scenes, graphics elements, aerial photography.


To voice acting, we involve professional announcers, whose voices are guaranteed not to allow viewers to miss important information on TB in production. As a result, you get an informative, high-quality shot and mounted corporate video.


Order the development of video materials on safety for your company through our website or by calling +7 (495) 782-75-44.