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Voice-over in corporate video requires a professional voice talent, which from the first second will be able to locate customers and partners, describe the company, service or product from the best side in a convenient and accessible form. To sound the video as best as possible, pay enough attention to the process of choosing a voice actor or actress. Choosing a voice talent for corporate video will cost more than the stuffing on its own yourself, but efficiency will pay off this step in a short time.

To make a good choice, determine what you expect from the voice of the announcer and evaluate the options available. Listen to the works that are in the speaker's portfolio. It is important not to miss the small details. Notice how the actor manages modulations and accentuates words. The clarity of pronunciation and the emotional message play an equally important role. Appreciate how interesting it is to listen to a particular announcer. The choice of voice also depends on the type of the video. For example, speakers specializing in presentations have a low quiet tone. If a living story is created, it is better to look for an actor with experience in audio auditions. Remember that the selected voice will be associated with your company for a long time. In case of a successful result, it should be possible to work with the same announcer in the future.


Advantages of cooperation with the company AUDIO-STUDIO.RU

  • Great speaker base.
  • Voice-over with professional equipment in a special studio.
  • Loyal price policy.
  • Recording voice-over in Kazakh, Georgian, Ukranian.
  • Professional team.

AUDIO-STUDIO.RU performs as a partial scoring, so a full cycle of works. Voice of the speaker is chosen by the customer or our specialist. The speaker base of the company includes speakers of many foreign languages: English, German, French, Georgian, Kazakh, etc. Qualification of our announcers you can estimate right now. The site has a huge number of demos.

You can attend the voice acting personally or join us on Skype. Details of cooperation can be found by calling the telephone number indicated on the website.

You can choose any voice from our database you like! If you need to provide voice-over recording as fast as we can we suggest you today availiable voice talents!

We work with a lot of professional voice-over actors and actresses! Most from then are Russian natives and also we work with Kazkah voice talents, Georgian voice talents, Ukrianian voice talents!

Your participation in recording process are welcome!