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Video voiceover is an essential task that directly impacts the communication between a company and its customers. When it comes to promoting business, trusting amateurs is pointless. Only professionals can ensure a successful outcome.

How to choose a voiceover?

Creating audio for video adverts starts with selecting the voiceover. A suitable voiceover will create a strong emotional connection between consumers and the company. Whereas a poor choice will alienate future customers, sow doubt and cause a negative association.

Studies show that in most cases, listeners favour professional voice-overs. When choosing a speaker, pay attention to whether his voice coincides with the emotional colouring of the brand. The gender of the speaker depends on the composition of the target audience. If the clients are predominantly male - a male voice will be much more authoritative.

Voice-over videos for children requires an expressive and energetic voice. The older audience is more suitable for a calm and deep timbre. Characteristics of the voice allows listeners to understand to whom the proposal is addressed.

It is equally important to consider the pitch of the voice. This criterion is especially important if the advert is created for the elderly. Audience in the years will suit the speaker with a low deep voice. The fact is that with age the range of audible frequencies gradually narrows, first of all, high notes are excluded. You should also take into account what accent prevails among the listeners you are addressing.


AUDIO-STUDIO.RU: Professional audio production

We make commercials of any kind, where you can record your voiceover for TV or digital advertisements. The format of the media is not important to us. Working alongside sound engineers, composers, translators, actors, presenters, singers, and sound designers, we are able to provide comprehensive services.

By collaborating with AUDIO-STUDIO.RU, you will receive:

  • We provide access to a database of regularly updated voice talents, offering more than 100 professional Russian voices.
  • We also offer the opportunity to record voice-overs in Kazakh, Azeri, and Uzbek.
  • Our prices are reasonable,
  • and we are committed to fast execution.

Budget Russian voiceover starts from 150 euro

If voice choice isn't crucial and you're in the early stages of your journey, propose that your focus group watch an animatic or other marketing material.

Standard voiceover for commercials starts from 350 euro

We provide a range of more than 100 Russian voice artists who are seasoned professionals. Additionally, we create voice-over commercials in the Azerbaijani, Kazakh, and Uzbek languages. We are typically accessible for a conference call while recording via Zoom or Session link Pro.

If you require Russian voice-over recordings for your commercials and are in search of a partner in Moscow, allow us to assist you with these services. By the way, we offer voice-over recordings in Kazakh, Azeri, and Uzbek languages.

With 15 years of experience working with companies from the US, Europe, and Asia, we understand your requirements. AUDIO-STUDIO.RU consistently provides the best voice options for your projects. We can offer remote monitoring for your convenience via Zoom or arrange a recording session for your representatives in Moscow. Our bilingual voice-over producer ensures high-quality voice-over in Russian, Kazakh, Azeri and Uzbek. We will send the recorded takes in Wave PCM format after the session.


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