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Audioproduction for advertising video is a responsible task, on which dialogue between the company and the consumer directly depends. If it is a matter of promoting a business, there is no point in trusting its fans. Only professionals can guarantee a high result.

How to choose a voice for voice acting in your spot?

Creating audio for video advertising begins with selecting a voiceover. A suitable voice will create a strong emotional connection between consumers and the company. While an unsuccessful choice will alienate future customers, sow doubts and cause a negative association.

Studies show that in most cases, listeners prefer professional voiceovers. When choosing a speaker, note whether his voice matches the emotional color of the brand. The speaker's floor depends on the composition of the target audience. If customers are predominantly male, the male voice will be much more authoritative.

The voice-over for children requires an expressive and energetic voice. The quietest and deepest timbre is more suitable for the older audience. Voice characteristics allow listeners to understand who the sentence is addressed to.

It is also important to take into account the height of the voice. This criterion is especially important if advertising is created for the elderly. The audience in years is suitable for a speaker with a low deep voice. The fact is that with age, the range of audible frequencies gradually narrows, in the first place high notes are excluded. Also, you should consider which accent prevails among the listeners you are addressing.

AUDIO-STUDIO.RU: audioproduction from professionals

We produce commercials of any complexity. Here you can voice TV advertising and radio advertising. The type of the movie does not matter. We work with game, information and music content. Our company cooperates with sound engineers, composers, translators, actors, announcers, vocalists, sound designers. Due to this we provide a full package of services.


Cooperating with AUDIO-STUDIO.RU, you get:

  • access to a constantly updated narrative database;
  • more than 100 professional voices of professional artists;
  • the possibility of voice advertising in a foreign language;
  • loyal prices;
  • operational execution.

Looking for partner in Moscow to provide Russian voice-over recordings for commercials? Let us help with these services! By the way we provide voice-over recording also in Ukrainian, Georgian, Kazakh languages.

We have 15 years experiences working with companies from US, EU and Asia and we know your needs. AUDIO-STUDIO.RU constantly offer best voice choice for your projects. For your convenience, we provide remote monitoring for you via Skype or we’ll be glad to see our guests at recording session in case you have representative persons in Moscow. Our bilingual voice-over producer helps to make quality Russian (Ukrainian, Kazakh, Georgian) voice-over. After recording ends we send recorded takes in Wave PCM format.

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