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Postproduction of advertising: vocational training of audio tracks

Audio advertising on the radio is a powerful tool for promoting goods or services, but making it effective is much more difficult than a video. The fact is that the listener is affected only by one instrument - a text that should not only attract attention, but also replace visualization. And it is from the voice of advertising and the way the material is presented depends on its effectiveness.

Even the brightest, creatively composed content can not interest listeners in a monotonous dry and emotionless performance. "Audio Studio" offers professional voice services for radio advertising and preparation of audio tracks for video clips.

Why is the recording of audio advertising we always in demand?

  • Famous voices. We offer over 100 voices of professional voice talents, famous artists, popular vocalists. Subconsciously recognizing the timbre of a voice, a person associates it with confidence and trust, which allows him to win the location of a potential client.
  • The right accents. Properly composed text, based on the right content, of course, should be presented with the proper intonation. Passes on the sounding of information about promotions, sales, other benefits, can increase the productivity of advertising.
  • Excellent quality. Recording of advertising on the radio is carried out in a specially equipped studio using professional equipment. The final product is provided to the customer without compression.

Do you want your voice to sound in advertising? Then contact us! Preparation with the announcer and a few rehearsals will give you an excellent soundtrack. We also offer customers the opportunity to virtually attend and monitor the recording via Skype.

Advantages of recording in AUDIO-STUDIO.RU

Our studio employs professional sound engineers, sound engineers, composers and copywriters. The recording of sound advertisement, the voice of TV commercials, commercials for Internet resources is made at the agreed time and can take several hours to obtain the ideal product.

In addition, we offer our clients:

  • Writing advertising text - professional copywriters and marketers will create an individual text with bright slogans and catchy slogans;
  • Preparation of music - the composer will prepare a melody or arrange an arrangement provided in any musical direction;
  • Creating sound effects - the sound designer will make a selection of effects, conveying emotions of text content;
  • Work with foreign content - voice advertising in a foreign language, re-alignment from Russian or Russian is carried out with the support of an interpreter.

The cost of recording an advertising audio is determined by the length of the process, the choice of the announcer, the complexity of background music and sound effects, the timing of preparation.

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