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Marketing research shows that the greatest emotional response from the audience is the production of video clips. This is facilitated by the involvement of a potential client in the plot. But high efficiency requires a professional approach. Consider why the creation of a production video should be ordered in the company AUDIO-STUDIO.RU?

Our services

We offer full cycle production. A wide range of services is provided through cooperation with a wide variety of specialists: sound engineers, videographers, actors, video monitors and script writers. Therefore, we can order everything from creating a creative idea and writing a script to organizing a shoot with the participation of professional actors.

Video shooting can be conducted both in a special pavilion, and in any other location. Production of a TV commercial can also include video post-production, in particular color correction, 2D / 3D graphics and the creation of a sound track. The last service includes work on voice narration, background music, sound design and mix.

Creating production videos is a complex and time-consuming process. In small-scale video clips, it is necessary to include key elements of fascinating history, to present information about the company, product or service, and this will interest the viewer. Without experience in the field of media services is indispensable.





 Advantages of cooperation with AUDIO-STUDIO.RU

  • Full cycle production.
  • Affordable prices.
  • Prompt implementation of the task.
  • High qualification of employees.
  • Fresh ideas.

Video production is a mini-format film that requires a lot of staff. Experience shows that the best results are achieved by specialists who have already cooperated with each other. It saves time and money, and also facilitates and accelerates the process of putting ideas into practice.

AUDIO-STUDIO.RU works on production of TV commercials as well-coordinated team. We guarantee professionalism in every issue.

We offer the production of a full cycle of video commercial. From the creative idea and script to video shooting with the participation of professional actors. Video shooting is carried out both in special pavilions, and in any other location that the customer needs. Video post-production of the commercial, including color correction, 2D / 3D graphics and production of soundtrack, including voiceovers, background music, FX sound design and mixing.