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Animated advertising is an effective and affordable way to promote your business. This type of advertising affects immediately to 2 channels of perception - auditory and visual. Rollers are very popular on the web. Without them, you can not do it where it is important to emphasize the visibility and visual appeal of the product or service. In addition, animation should be used if the advertised object is not material.


Our services


The company AUDIO-STUDIO.RU cooperates with specialists of different directions: sound engineers, announcers, video monitors, actors, script writers, flash and 3D animators. Due to this we provide a wide range of services, among which:


  • voice acting animation;
  • Russian voice-over recording;
  • creation of animation graphics;
  • production of background music;
  • mixing and sound design.


Specialists of our recording studio have enough experience to create animated advertising, which is printed in the memory of everyone who sees it. The scenario, created with the participation of professionals, will allow to optimize the dialogue with potential clients of the company. You do not have to continuously answer the same questions. Benefits for clients


  • Attractive prices.
  • Professional equipment.
  • Operative execution.
  • A wide range of Russian dunnimg actors and actresses.
  • Fresh creative ideas.


We create animations of any complexity. Our specialists will necessarily offer you several good options for solving the task.


Animation rollers to order - a profitable investment that pays off immediately after placement. Correctly selected sound accompaniment, completeness of composition and thoughtful semantic accents form the necessary impression and make the product memorable and recognizable. Animation is an ideal solution when the advertising budget is limited. In some cases, it allows you to save, while in others - to stand out and emphasize the individual style of the company.


To order an animated movie in the studio recording AUDIO-STUDIO.RU, send us an email or contact the manager by phone. We are interested in mutually beneficial cooperation.


Audioproduction fror animatics, we record voice-over for animation commercials. Also we offer the production of animation graphics and animation. From the script to the cartoon with the audio track. We will write original background music or we will offer a suitable variant from production libraries, sound design FX, recording voice-over narration and mixing.



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