Speaker for voice acting and other services provided by "Audio Studio" 

We provide a wide range of services in the field of sound recording: from the order of voice narration to the writing of arrangements and professional recording of musical compositions for your project. We cooperate exclusively with professional speakers who read in Russian and other languages, voice actors, translators, editors and composers.

Actors and actresses for voice acting is selected from an extensive voice bank, which gives an opportunity to find the optimal pool of votes for achieving your goal. We with the same ease and without loss of quality we will sound game movies, serials, advertising and information clips - at the same time we will meet the minimum deadline.

In addition to providing voice-over services for the voice-over, we offer the following suggestions:

create professional voiceovers for audio advertising and commercials for television; localize video content for Russian or foreign viewers and listeners; synchronously duplicate and make a voiceover for the game and popular science films; record audio tracks for distance learning courses, contact centers, answering machines and warning systems; create audiobooks with sound; We develop complex design of the air of television and radio; record music, also can order professional arrangement, mixing and mastering.


Benefits of addressing to "Audio studio"


Over the years of its professional activity, our studio has earned a reputation as a cautious professional, striving to bring all of its projects to an ideal state and to hand over on time. Whatever you need - to order an announcer's voice, to create a corporate film or to publish an audiobook - we are ready to undertake any work corresponding to the profile of the studio.

To achieve this, we use professional equipment. All working pavilions of the studio are soundproofed and provide ideal conditions for recording. At the same time, the cost of "Audio Studio" services is fixed at a level accessible even to private individuals.

Order the service you are interested in via the website or by calling +7 (495) 782-75-44. Free of charge we advise clients and we select the optimum ways of the decision of the task put by you, remaining strictly within the limits of the budget.