Voice talents database: choose timbre, evaluating projects


Working on the postproduction of commercials for our clients, we strive to take into account the wishes and requirements for the timbre, character and age-specific features of the voice of the announcer. The created database of announcers allows each client to choose the perfect voice for the project's voice-over.

The voice bank has over 150 variants, as well as over 900 samples. Their number is constantly replenished, allowing to open new talents. Famous artists of the cinema and variety, popular voices on the radio or dubbing stars - the questionnaires of all candidates are available on the site.

By going to the personal page of the professional announcer, you will be able to:

will get acquainted with the genres in which the speaker works; find the archive of the speaker projects; listen to the audio track with a fragment of voice acting.

The speaker base for voice acting allows you to assess the candidate's abilities and select the most worthy speaker. In addition, this casting can be carried out remotely at a convenient time for you, sitting in the office or office.

The cost of the speaker depends on the experience, the complexity of the project, the duration of the audio track. The more popular the voice of the speaker, the more success will be in advertising, video or film.


How to choose the perfect speaker?


Emotional, bright, intonational dynamic advertising has a huge impact on the audience. And if a talented reading of the text is supplemented by a familiar voice recognizable to the listener, he demonstrates a greater predisposition to content and perceives information better. Therefore, voice acting as a speaker with practice in a particular direction always has a positive result.

Our speakers work in a variety of ways, offering voices for:

voice announcements of audio clips, radio advertising; recording tracks for video clips, TV commercials; voice acting of documentary and feature films; professional dubbing; voice-over of audiobooks and presentations; voice menu IVR, etc.

Speakers cope with any set tasks, be it comedy, tragedy or parody, the voices of the announcers always sound realistic.

How to find a voice announcer? A convenient filter system allows you to establish important criteria for you and shorten the time for selecting suitable speakers. For this it is enough to expose several parameters - gender, age, genre, language of voice acting. We also work with foreign content.

AUDIO-STUDIO.RU offers not only to find a voice announcer, but also to conduct a professional recording in the Moscow's studio. To do this, it is sufficient to select a speaker and agree on the recording time. You can attend to the voice acting or control the process via Skype's online connection.

Choose a voice and record only successful videos!