Audiospots production: voice-over for commercials, films, presentations

Radio, TV or Internet commercials is based solely on the sound effect. Production of audio, in addition to the preparation of expressive competitive content, requires the skill of delivering the essence of the proposal to listeners. The voice of the announcer becomes the main instrument of influencing the listener's consciousness, but musical accompaniment also plays an important role.

Our studio offers professional recording and full-production of advertising audio clips, narration for e-learning, artistic character. We work in the following areas!

Includes the development of personal audio style, the preparation of musical accompaniment, high-quality mastering, which allows you to bring advertising to the technical level of radio stations and channels.

Provides recording of audio with narration text, performance of music and noise design, work on commenting on video, animations, illustrations. It is carried out both in the form of separate tracks, so with the implementation of the information.

It consists in the creation of separate narration tracks, background (noise) effects, musical framing with the subsequent reduction of soundtracks in one file while maintaining a balance of sound / noise levels.

Usually consists of recording narration and sound information in the form of background effects, can include musical accompaniment. Performed as separate tracks or a combined audio track.

It is created in the form of telephone greeting and on-hold messages, the work is performed on a turnkey basis without the need for additional processing for the company's equipment. It is possible to record in two languages ​​with one speaker.

  • Multimedia presentations.

Provides recording of voice information (text), commenting schemes, functions, animation, video inserts, can also be combined with music, noise effects.

Professional Audio Production from AUDIO-STUDIO.RU

Studio AUDIO-STUDIO.RU offers the preparation of audio tracks of any complexity. We take up the projects for recording offscreen text, we offer the services of a composer to create an original musical accompaniment of the film, as well as the work of a sound master who will develop background effects for the video. We perform professional mastering (mixing and processing of different streams of tracks). This allows you to give the audio of expression, emphasize a certain audience, change the sharpness and brightness of the sound.

Among the additional advantages:

  • a big base of voice-over talents (selection by age, sex, timbre);
  • the possibility of remote work with our studio using Skype, SessionLink Pro;
  • translation into / from a foreign language;
  • restoration of archival phonograms or audio fragments;
  • the ability to record your voice in the studio.

The recording is conducted in our studio using professional equipment. We guarantee the high quality of audio tracks and the performance of voice acting with recognizable voices.